Looking for Third Party key management service

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Are there any companies out there that specialize in Digital Keys
management services ?

Today at work we use various digital keys to encrypt and/or sign
various pieces of data. We have various set of keys used for various
purposes, and we protect them with various techniques, ranging from a
HSM with Smart Card control for the root keys, to PGP, to just
plaintext on a (supposedly) private network.

But I feel that no matter what we do, we lack the proper process and
methodologies that would gives us assurance that everything is safe.
And obviously this is not our core business.

So basically I'm looking for a third party company that we could hire.
They would keep all our secrets keys, never giving them to us but
allowing us to perform operation with them.
They would allow us to designate which employees have the right to do
operation with which keys.
They would generate the keys in a secure way.
They would track and report what operations have been done.
They would have backups and disaster recovery plans, they would detect
security breaches.
They might have physical security, cameras and armed guards.

Who does this ?

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