Looking for a cheap DNS appliance

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Dear news group

I am looking for a small, cheap DNS appliance
which should act as the primary DNS for a small
DMZ network with 2 active stations.

Anyone having a good hint what product could do
the job?

I do want to "create" it myself with BIND and also
the Windows DNS server is not option.

TIA, Oliver

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Re: Looking for a cheap DNS appliance

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Serving DNS to the world to resolve those two addresses?  Or serving as
a DNS server to allow those two hosts to resolve external addresses. In
the later, I'd just point those two hosts to the name servers of the ISP
or equal.  For the former, I might consider adding a DNS daemon to one
of the two hosts.

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Just about any piece of "retired" hardware (example, a ancient 386 Lap
top) running a minimalist UNIX or UNIX clone (Solaris-x86, Linux, or one
of the *BSDs) is probably overkill. For Linux, there is even the DNS-HOWTO
that should be part of the documentation that comes with the distribution.

        Old guy

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