LayerOne Technology Conference

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

A few of us have been working overtime to get a little technology
conference together in Los Angeles together.  We've tried to make
LayerOne an event for both the geek set and the suit in IT and our
roster of speakers can back those claims up.  In fact, here's a
sampling of four of our dozen speakers:

- Danny O'Brien will be rehashing his talk from Emerging Tech 2004 [a
crowd favorite] about the work habits of alpha geeks.
- Jason Schultz from the EFF talking about the DMCA and how it's
stifling innovation.
- USC professor Douglas Thomas covering the politics of code.
- Dan Kaminsky, author of network toolset Paketto Keiretsu cranking
out some more code/theory that's bound to marvel and frighten.

Not bad, eh?  There's eight more talks where those four came from.
We're currently in the middle of early bird registration - where we're
shaving $10 off the $50 door price.  That's a weekend's worth of talks
and a free beer social on Saturday night for $40.  For more
information, please visit our website at /.

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