knowing which process accesses which ports

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Hi all!

The port scanner gives me the list of ports and their status.
But I want to know which processes accesses which ports?

(The reason behind this is few days back I tried to install tomcat
server but while configuring it,it said that the port no 8080 is being
accessed by some other process but didn't mention tne name of the

or which port is used by which processes?

How to achieve this.

I am using windows 2000.

Yogesh Joshi

Re: knowing which process accesses which ports

yogesh wrote:
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You aren't going to know what process is running on a port from an
external scan - unless, of course, the process is chatty enough to tell
you and you're gullible enough to believe it.  You might be able to
determine that a particular binary is running by examining its reaction
to specific input you send, but even that could be deliberate falsehood
(a honeypot could be the extreme case of that - see for example /).

Logged into a Linux box, "lsof -i:631" (for example) might  show you
that cupsd was active:

cupsd   20335 root    0u  IPv4 389871       TCP yoyo:ipp (LISTEN)
cupsd   20335 root    2u  IPv4 389872       UDP *:ipp

But of course even that doesn't guarantee that I haven't replaced cupsd
with my own binary of the same name that is set to listen on these
ports, does it?

Tony Lawrence
Unix/Linux/Mac OS X  resources:

Re: knowing which process accesses which ports

Use Fport.exe

It will give you the application to port mapping.

You have to run this tool on the machine with the tomcat server.

Hope this helps,
Geoff Wilson

Re: knowing which process accesses which ports

Fport is a good tool as Geoff mentioned.  Another free tool you could use
on a Windows platform is TCPView by Sysinternals.  It will show you in
real time (updates every second) when ports are listening on a machine and
when a process talks outbound to another port.

You can hit Options/Resolve Addresses if it is resolving addresses or
ports into names if that is an issue.

Russell Kaiser
kaiser is at

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