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I am currently running Internet Security 2012, Its time is about to run
out. I purchased a new Internet Security 2012 at Walmart, the only
version available, yesterday. Should I install it from the CD or just
enter the new activation code in the old version currently running?

I have a very slow unreliable dial-up internet connection and would like
to avoid a long download.

I tried the Kaspersky site but I couldn't enter this in email support. It
kept complaining about the OS and the Request type I entered but I have
no idea what it wants (it didn't like 'Windows XP Home' or 'XP Home') and
it wouldn't let me enter a request type. Other searches on the site were
fruitless and their 'Sasha' was too busy to talk to me. <sigh> Women!

I searched and could not find a _valid_ Kaspersky tech support _free_
phone number. I don't wamt to try a pay-for number I found, get put on
hold for a long time, then get told I have the incorrect number (the
email address I found in the same place didn't work - see next

I searched and could not find a _valid_ Kaspersky tech support email
address, the one I found would not accept my question and directed me to
the Kaspersky web support site, which I had already unsuccessfully tried.

Any ideas welcome.

I'm beginning to question my purchase of Kaspersky. I'll have to give it
a lot of thought when this one's time runs out next year. I hadn't
realized their support was so hard to use; reminds me of the modern HP,
about as bad.


"Where there's smoke there's toast!" Anon

Re: Kaspersky install question

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I am not familiar with Kaspersky products, but faced with your problem, I
would probably try to enter the new activation code in your current
software. This is how antivirus subscriptions are typically renewed.

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Yes, HP support has become abysmal in just a couple of years.

Thor Kottelin
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