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Regarding Kaspersky antivirus:

Almost a year ago I picked up Kaspersky Personal antivirus after trying
out the trial version for a month. It worked exceptionally well and
found a number of worms and trojans that the leading antivirus programs
didnít recognize cleaning up my computer nicely. I was very impressed
but that was then not today.

About two weeks ago my home computer started acting oddly. After
uninstalling and reinstalling a couple of programs it became evident
something rather nasty had compromised my firewall and corrupted my
anti-virus database. After many hours of tweaking and tailchasing I had
to call my ISP for some help as this problem got worse and worse quickly
disabling my anti-virus completely and shutting down my connection to
the internet.

The next day similar problems started to show up on the other computer
and I emailed Kaspersky support asking for some assistance as I
suspected the problem would likely wind up disabling this computer as
well. I emailed the Kaspersky 24hr technical support three times in a
day and a half receiving no response. Had a family member email them
from a work computer asking to please respond as the situation was
becoming critical. That was on Feb 3 and by Feb 6 both computers had
been effectively shut off the net forcing me to prepare for a reformat
of both units. Still no reply from Kaspersky tech support.

I went so far as to telephone Kaspersky in Moscow (not a cheap thing to
do from Winnipeg Canada) for help and was told to install the latest
version, update and call back if I still had problems. I uninstalled my
Kaspersky and installed the latest version after which this machine
would no longer access the net at all (either to update or otherwise).
Exactly the same thing that had happened to the other computer when I
reformatted and reinstalled the newest version of KAV. The update killed
a reformatted system with virtually nothing else on it. Had to reformat
a second time. I suppose I should have assumed that a 24hr tech line
means someone might get back to you after 24hrs but I was hoping that
wasnít the case.

On Feb. 15 (twelve days after contacting them) Kaspersky finally replied
with questions about which version I was using. By this time I had
reformatted one computer and managed to get the other working by
removing every trace of Kaspersky from the hard drive and registry. I
replied anyway but four days later still havenít gotten any response.

It really amazes me that a company who claims to provide a professional
service can be so totally unresponsive when a paying customer (this is
NOT a program I had cracked or pirated as I believe a reliable service
should be supported) tries to contact them. I will definitely be looking
for another anti-virus as Kasperskyís non-service has caused me and my
family a great deal of unnecessary grief. Having to run salvage
procedures on these systems prior to formatting is not what I consider a
good use of my time.

I would have emailed this off to Kaspersky but they obviously couldnít
care less about complaints or support once theyíve cashed the cheque so
I thought Iíd pass this along to those who might be looking for an
anti-virus they can count on. I understand Kaspersky is expanding into
the North American market. If youíre looking for professional/timely
service you might want to keep looking!

Thanks for nothing Kaspersky!

Kent Mackey

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