IT Security Manager Opportunity - Phoenix, AZ

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We have an outstanding opportunity here in Phoenix, AZ for an IT
Security Manager.  If you know of any students, faculty or others
qualified for this position, please refer them to our web site (see
below).  Thanks!

POSITION DESCRIPTION:  Develops and maintains the statutorily mandated
short and long range IT planning function and reports. Coordinates the
Agency IT plans with the State's plans. Participate in meetings related
to IT needs and planning; assists Information Technology staff in
planning activities; provides verbal and written reports to management.
Serves on various state-level IT committees. Performs Project Manger
duties as required.  Responsible for the management of the Department's
Information Security Services program.

Plans, directs, and evaluates the work of four to five subordinate
Security Office personnel; serves as the supported agency Information
Security Consultant, providing general and technical guidance on
matters in the protection of information systems. Establishes the
direction of security and implementation of new and/or enhanced
security systems. Interacts with vendors, consultants, users, executive
agency management, and other data processing and security professionals
to ensure the Departments security requirements are met. Serves as a
reviewer on all information sharing agreements.

Has authority of hiring and termination of personnel, utilization of
subordinate's time. Determination of security solutions for the Agency.
Controls and approves content of the Three Year Plan. Authorized to
develop, implement and monitor the policies and procedures pertaining
to areas for which there is responsibility; personnel assignments,
education, vacation, overtime, performance evaluation and
recommendations; inter-departmental coordination, planning and problem
resolutions. Establishes, updates, and implements security policies,
procedures, and standards. Identifies, develops and implements agency
information security awareness program. Determine the changing needs of
the agency relative to information security. Performs vulnerability and
penetration testing of agency assets. Determine information system risk
to the agency.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Skills in interpersonal relations; work
management, planning and program development; supervising the work of
professionals; gathering, organizing and analyzing facts and making
logical interpretations; developing plans and project IT needs and
resources; maintaining odd working relationships; and good oral and
written communications skills.

REQUIRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Requires at least three years
experience performing the functions of an Information Services security
manager, Bachelor of Science in computer Science or equivalent,
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification, or
Certified Information systems Security Professional (CISSP)

BENEFITS:  Arizona Department of Health Services offers an excellent
benefit package which includes paid holidays, low cost health, life and
dental insurance, and great vacation/sick leave.  We also offer an
outstanding defined benefit state retirement program,the Arizona State
Retirement System (ASRS).

SALARY HIRING RANGE: $70,000 - $75,000

*NOTE: Position is not covered under the Personnel Rules of the Arizona
State Services.

TO APPLY:  You must complete the online application at: - click on "Search for Jobs, type "DHS" in the
search field and select the ITS Security Manager position.  HUMAN
any questions regarding the application process please call the Human
Resources Office at 602-542-1085.  For additional information about the
position and qualification requirements, please contact Michael O'Hara,
CIO at 602-542-1073.

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