is the _vti_pvt folder safe?

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i just found that this site /
has a link to a webpage on my site ( http://mysite/_vti_pvt/ )
(go to the bottom of first webpage and you will see a list of website
addresses all ending with with  _vti_pvt/  and my site is one of them.
the problem is i don't understand why it is there (the site is in arabic !).
i am guessing from the website adress that it has something to do with
hacking (and i also figured out it has soemthing to do with frontpage)
actually, the page in question belongs to my team mate. and the server is
running on my computer.
i am running  Apache/2.0.52 (Win32) Server on win xp pro sp2

according to the control panel, i have both Microsoft Professional Edition
2003 as well as Microsoft XP Professional with FrontPage installed (i just
found that out !) i have been using office 2003 though for the last one
year. and i had just assumed that office 2003 installed OVER the previous
install of office XP.

is my system vulnerable becuase of this page ? if so, what should i do to
protect it?

if this is not the right newsgroup, pls let me know where i should go with
this question.
appreciate any help...
thank you,

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