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I bought wireless camera from Airlink.  It is a fun toy.  I have it set up
so anyone with my external IP address and port number can see it on the
internet.  My question is the thing is wireless.  If my neighbor used
netstunbler and found the internal IP address (no port number) could he see
the picture?  Is there a way to restrict the broadcast to only this (router)
MAC address?



Re: IP Camera Security

Tango wrote:
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Hi Fred,

It depends on how the camera operates. If you did not have to configure
the camera, it is possible, or probable that the camera transmits in the
clear, on the 2.4 GHz band but without IP. I have a TV sender that works
in the same way. If any of my neighbours had a receiver similar to mine,
they would be able to see the picture.

If the camera is an IP camera, are you using any encryption? If you are
not using encryption, your neighbour could use a packet sniffer to grap
the IP packets out of the air and re-assemble them to view the picture.
If you are using WEP encryption and your neighbour is determined enough,
they could crack your encryption and view the packets that way.

Only WPA is currently close to secure.



Re: IP Camera Security

Thank you Bogwitch.  It does have an I address and I use WEP 64.  I don't
believe any of my neighbors are that sharp because there are 3 wireless APs
within range and none of them are secured.  But you never know.  I will
check if WPA is an option.


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