Image Backup of Drive Different Size Than Source

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I have a strange situation with a Windows XP system and I would like
feedback from this group.   The system runs Windows XP with a C: and D: 60
GB logical volume, each installed as the only partition on separate physical
drives.   I boot Acronis (a disk copy utility) and make an *image* copy of
the D: partition to an *identical* physical device.   The copied partition
is reporting back as a different size than the source, with a different
amount of free space remaining on the target drive.   As this is an image
copy of a single partition between identical devices, I find this result
nearly impossible to understand.

Would this be a possible indication of a hidden volume/partition somewhere
on the current D: drive?    How can I explore this further, and what tools
that can be booted without starting Windows could help me explore this in
detail?    I assume if this is a rootkit at work that booting Windows will
hide from the OS most of the relevant evidence.


Re: Image Backup of Drive Different Size Than Source

On 02/04/2009 02:56 PM, W sent:
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I know when you and I see *image*, perhaps we like to think of mirror
like images on the target.  However, do you think a heretofore
unaccounted, or under-documented block size factor is different in the
target when compared to the source?

Perhaps a query to the Acronis folks would make things clear.

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