iKey 1000 - OS PIN problem

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Dear friends,

I have purchased the SecureBat! e-mail client with an iKey 1000 token
from RitLabs.
Yesterday I have received it. Everything would be perfect, but I have
a problem with SO PIN.

I have changed the token name using SO PIN, which is 'rainbow' by
default. Then I wanted to change SO PIN, and here my problems have
started... I typed 'rainbow' again when it prompted me to do it, but
it does not accept it anymore! It keeps saying: "Access Denied!"
I tried to change token name once again, but this time token refused
to accept 'rainbow' as a password!
It looks like token has changed (lost?) OS PIN somehow... What I
should do with this?

I would like to add, that I have received Token yesterday, and nobody
else has touched it. I use only one permanent password, so I do not
experimented with a new one. Caps Lock, and any other fancy stuff are
always under control when I deal with such delicate matters like
passwords on critical things.

Look forward to your advice.


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