Identifying Burner Hardware that Made a Disc

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I'm hoping someone out there can settle an argument that started
amongst some of the guys where I work.  Without saying which side of
the speculation I favor, here are the conflicting claims:

Claim A: Using only software, a computer forensic specialist could
examine a CD or DVD that was burned with a particular burner drive and
prove that the disc was recorded using the drive.

Claim B:  The drive could be identified using software only if another
sample disc burned with the drive were available for comparison.

Claim C: The only way a disc could be identified conclusively as having
been created / recorded / burned by a drive is if the disc is
physically examined under a microscope for "laser shape and tracking

Claim D: There is no way to definitively associate a disc with the
drive that burned it.  The hardware is just too generic so the best
anyone could achieve would be a strong "maybe."

I'd be glad to have opinions but facts would be even better.


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