I'd like to ask a survey favor...

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Sorry to interrupt, I need a favor.

I'm working with the University of Delaware's school of business to
conduct a metrics survey.The survey is based on the list of metrics
that the UCF harmonized between the following:

- Security Metrics Guide for Information Technology Systems, NIST SP
- Corporate Information Security Working Group: Report of the best
practices and metrics teams; subcommittee on technology, information
policy, intergovernmental relations and the census; Government Reform
Committee, United States House of Representatives (aka CISWG I)
- IIA Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG): Information Technology
- Guide for Developing Performance Metrics for Information Security,
NIST SP 800-80

Basically, the U wants to know what industry the participant is in,
what size the organization is, and whether or not the organization is
reporting on any governance, management, or technical metrics. Its
about 30 some odd questions long (if your organization is reporting on
all three).

They will send the survey results to all participants to drop off
their e-mail address at the end. I think it will be very interesting
to get the results back in to see what folks are actually reporting
on. Here's the URL:


If this doesn't fit you, could you pass it on to someone who it might
fit? We're trying to get at least 500 responses.


Dorian Cougias
Lead Analyst, UC

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