HTTPS but still non secure form?

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Dear Group,

for a website, there is an HTTPS-connection. The homepage has a form:

    <form method="POST" name="formname"
        <input type="text" name="userid" />
        <a href="javascript:login()">Login</a>

When I enter my user id and press "Login", then normally a popup should
show in which I type my password.

Now all of a sudden, before the popup for the password is shown, I get
this dialog box telling me that "When you send information to the
Internet, it might be possible for others to see that information. Do
you want to continue?".

I know that this dialog box can be switched off in the security
settings of Internet Explorer, that is not my question, what I wonder
about is: why do I get this dialog box? I thought the connection to be
secure, because the HTTPS-protocol is used?

Thank you and kind greetings,


Re: HTTPS but still non secure form?

Dear group,

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my guess is that the warning gets showed because the "action" in the
form-tag consists out of a javascript-function. This javascript is run
locally and hence not over a secured connection.

But this is really just a guess, I have no clue and every comment is
very welcome.

Thank you,


Re: HTTPS but still non secure form?

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1. You can't "think" the communication is secure. You must "know" it
is, be sure about it. So I would suggest that you use ethereal and
sniff the wire to have a look at your traffic.
2. HTTPS is only secure for little demanding applications - that is
probably the case here.

Kind regards
Ludovic Joly

Re: HTTPS but still non secure form?

Dear Ludovic,

Ludovic Joly wrote:
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Thank you for correcting me, I have to say that you are right.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

The problem is that the action that is called by the POST is a function
in a javascript. The browser does not know whether this safe or not,
hence the warning.

Kind greetings and have a nice day,


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