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Inventions and technology developments have changed the way we live and
the world around us. The Internet and e-commerce have revolutionized
each and every field of business...But is Internet and Web a Safer
Place now?
Youngsters, Girls and Kids are now hooked upon in the internet - how
safe and protective are them?
The inbox is full of Scams, Pyramid Letters, Bank Account
to prevent it?
How safe is our personal informations in the online transactions and
net accounts?

These are the questions which worries each and every one of us across
the Globe. Day by day, we hear news of Scams and Internet Frauds. All
online users are being targeted into the Scams and Bogus Emails. To be
aware of the pitfalls and various scam strategies are the best ways to
be immune.

"Web and Internet" - Support & Network Group - is an online networking
and discussions forum where users may post their bitter experiences
with Scammers and Internet Frauds.  Hence the users could  update
themselves about various suspected internet scams and how to be
protected and be prevented.

"Web and Internet" - Support & Network Group

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When we're dealing with people on the internet, it's always a surprise,
we never know who they are and what their intentions are. If you ever
had a bitter experience - try to reach the people and spread the word
and guidance advice through "Web and Internet" - Support & Network


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