how to handle failed login attempts?

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web password is commonly used in many web applications that require
authentication. The question is what should the system do if there are
multiple consecutive failed authentication attempts with a valid
username but incorrect password? Should the system lock the account, or
don't do anything?

I tried several famous email accounts and entered the incorrect
password on purpose, but they didn't lock the account.

please discuss. thanks!!

Re: how to handle failed login attempts?

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If you do lock out, that becomes a simple was to create a denial of
service for a given user in a targeted attack.

So there are tradeoffs to a lockout.

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Re: how to handle failed login attempts?

On 8 Sep 2006, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article

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Please remember that there is a heck of a lot more to computers than some
wonky web browser.  The World Wide Web was invented some ten years _after_
the Internet.

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That depends on your threat model, and possibly what accounts they are.
IN GENERAL, locking the account is not usually a desired action. It's a
perfect Denial Of Service mechanism.

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A more common solution is to slow the responses after a few (perhaps three)
failed login attempts. You type in a bad username or password, and the
program at the other end of the process waits a progressively longer and
longer time to tell you that the login attempt was incorrect. This normally
has no effect on the response to a valid username/password.

Another solution often seen to zombies trying to login to an SSH server
is that the remote IP address can be blackholed - perhaps for a few minutes
or even hours.

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Practical UNIX and Internet Security, Third Edition, Garfinkel, Spafford,
and Schwartz Feb 2003, $54.95, ISBN 0-596-00323-4, 984 pages, O'Reilly

That's one of 47 different books on computer security from O'Reilly (see If UNIX is a dirty word to you, there are even a dozen books
aimed at windoze.  I'm sure there are dozens of other such books available
from other publishers as well - a google search is suggested.

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