How to get some worm...

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I'm doing research in netflow based attack detection (such as worms)
and I want to know where to get some worm executable code (like
slammer, code red,...) to test and execute in a laboratory controlled

If you preffer, drop me a line direct to my e-mail.

Gustavo R.

Re: How to get some worm...

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Life expectancy of an unpatched Windows machine is 14 minutes....

Damian Menscher
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Re: How to get some worm...

On 22 Nov 2004 17:21:08 -0800, Gustavo R. spoketh

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Check the quarantine area of your anti-virus program...

Lars M. Hansen
(replace 'badnews' with 'news' in e-mail address)

Re: How to get some worm...

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Thanks for all your help.

But, I still want to get some worm. I really want to get worms like
Witty, Slammer, Cod Red, ... And these kind of worm doesn't infect
windows host system... So a anti-virus quarentine doesn't work... And
I  think a honeypot doesn't too because a lot of small things... :(

Gustavo R.

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