how can i tell if under attack?

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am running a web site, hosting site in a co-location. iis6 on win2k3.

sometimes the computer itself is fast locally, but get very limited
network bandwidth.

where do i start to check that i am not under attack? (dos ddos or

thanks in advance

neil m

Re: how can i tell if under attack? wrote:
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Try sniffing the network traffic.

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Re: how can i tell if under attack? says...
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Look at the IIS logs for your website - they should be available to you.

Ask the hosting company to provide a connection graph - it will tell you
how many connections/x-time are being made.

What protection means have you implemented with the server?

What services is your server offering to the public?

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Re: how can i tell if under attack? writes:
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If you're on the internet, in reality, you're pretty much always under
attack.  Be it from some script kiddie next door, or some script dude
in Russia, or whatever.  Now, whether it's an unusually impacting
attack that is ddos your site is the question.

netstat -a would be a good place to start to see what network
connections are being chewed up.  Here's a utility that does one
better than netstat:

Network or host based IDS (intrusion detection systems) like Snort or
those mentioned here a few days ago would also be useful to have.
They have a notion of attack signatures and can identify what's coming
in from a database of known attacks.

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