hotmail id probs

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I am having a lot of trouble worrying that someone is snooping around
on my pc.  I had a private hotmail account although I no longer use it
as of a month or so ago and am not sure I can get the password back as
I can't remember what I changed it to (was trying to shut the account
down). I'm not sure if someone has accessed it.  All I have is an
address (which is obviously no good for entering the account because
you have to log in) but it is in my history on my Internet security
log.  It identifies the account by hotmails usual extension....
'......000001&a=************' when you look at the whole address (this
is in the middle) where the '*'s represent various letters and numbers
eg (..4fd65cg...) identifying the account.  Is there anyway of knowing
which account id (user name) this refers to?  Obviously it won't let me
or anyone into the account but how do you identify a particular account
from this info??

Re: hotmail id probs

I aint a guru in this, but what i understand is that the *****s that u
see are part of the session key. Sessions keys used by hotmail are
encrypted. Once a session expires, so does the key. I am not so sure if
there is any way at all to retrieve the details from this!

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