Help with cleaning my home computer (after running Network Probe)

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I am looking for some help on identifying what type of activity is
possibly happening on my home computer and what I can do about it.

I suspected that there was SOME type of activity as my HDD always
seems to be running..just a teeny little bit at a time but when there
is nothing going on in the room I notice it.  I went through the
updates of Spybot, Ad-aware, Spywareblaster..  cleaned up some usual
junk but nothing serious.  I did a little bit of reading and ended up
downloading Network Probe.  I figured out how to view the activity
from my computer and right away it looked like I had a lot of activity
from a Protocol named ether.ARP.  Looking at the conversations using
this protocol I see a growing list transferring anywhere from ~1KB up
to about 30KB over a varied amount of packets.

For example, the largest size (32.7KB) was first seen at 23:01:26
(when I first started the program) and by the latest sighting at
23:49:56 had transferred (now) 33.3KB over 533 packets.  Neither the
Source Host or Destination Host matches my IP address/Default Gateway.

ether.ARP is the top protocol for activity in the past hour with 3.7MB
over 60,000+ packets!!  That just doesn't seem like normal activity!

Looking closer at the list of conversations for this protocol I see a
few key Source Hosts:

(There are a couple variations of the xx's through the list but these
are the major hosts)

Anyhow, I am a little stumped from here.  Some of the Source Hosts
share the same IP as my Default Gateway.  I am wondering what I can do
with this information and how I can stop this information from being
transferred through my computer?  I thought that I could possibly
block each of these addresses..  but I am not sure that is the best

Hopefully someone can help me towards the right direction.

Thanks :)

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