help needed in hard drive replacement

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When my primary hard drive failed to load Wins Pros XP, I removed both
hard drives - the second one has only data - and try to install one
hard drive first to install O/S.

I set the jumpers of the hard drive to master when installing it even
though I am installing only one hard rive now.

I am stuck at the satge " NTLDR missing" and do not know how to

Note that I didn't not make any boot disk for my old PC.

I have windows '98 boot disk - got from the course I wss taking to
learn computer repair a bit - but not Win 98 Operating System cd. I
have Window XP, the one w/o any service pack, the one with serivce pack
1, and the one with service pack 2.

In my old hardrive that is damaged, I used the one without any service
pack because initially, I was upgrading it from windows 2000 and later
downloaded the service packs. I did reformat that hard drive last year
September - actually a friend of mine did it -  and reinstalled windows
XP using the same installation cd.

(1) Can anyone guide me in proceeding?

(2) As for the second hard drive I took out from my pc, can I just put
it in another PC as the second hard drive and not need to do anything
and be able to access my data in that drive?


Re: help needed in hard drive replacement

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Hi Srikestra,

Sorry to hear of your trouble.  Your question has nothing to do with
security, unfortunately, so is off-topic for

If you repost in  I bet you'll receive some

Todd H. /

Re: help needed in hard drive replacement

Hi Srikestra

1. You can find the term NTLDR in A+ Certification Book. Be remember,
every time you use your hard dive as a NTFS format, be aware NTLDR
file. It may be remissing.
2. You can use your second hard disk in another computer as a slave.
You must set the jumper setting as a slave and this computer's original
hard disk as a primary.

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