Give up Spam for Lent - New Email System Simply Defeats Spam

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FARMINGDALE, N.Y., Feb 08, 2005 /PRNewswire/ -- Just as you can forgo
meals that include meat, you may now permanently give up email spam
from the world's most troublesome spammers, thanks to a new patent
pending email management system called PancakeMail.

PancakeMail, developed by Pancake Programming LLC of Farmingdale, N.Y.,
offers a fundamental change to Internet email transmission technology,
and it fits seamlessly into existing email protocols.

PancakeMail works by moving the username in an email address from the
left of the @ symbol to the right. The user is then offered the
flexibility to create any number of valid email addresses on the fly,
and can instantly block addresses if they're spammed. Each email
address is unique and specific to a sender that only the sender and
recipient need to know. Then, if the recipient receives spam at that
address, he can instantly ascertain who is responsible for divulging
the recipient's email address to the spammer, and can easily block only
that specific address. The PancakeMail system also includes the
opportunity to attach a custom message to each bounced email address,
giving mail users who have been aggravated by spammers an avenue to
vent their frustration.

For example, John Doe's email address of would
change to Each contact John Doe made would be
assigned a unique email address, such as

If the phone company then sold this address to a spammer, John Doe
could simply block this particular email address, effectively
preventing the spammer from using it to spam him again. John would also
be able to identify the phone company as the party responsible for
disseminating his email address, simply by recognizing the address

The PancakeMail system deprives spammers of valid email addresses to
target, something which is crucial for their existence. PancakeMail has
the ability to enhance email security while allowing users to assign
priorities to incoming messages based upon the address the email was
sent to, a feature not previously available using ordinary email.

The bulk of the work used to maintain the PancakeMail system is done by
the individual most able to determine what is or isn't spam, the end
user. An end user may have to contend with a piece of spam from time to
time, but once responded to, the spammer can never find his way to the
user's inbox again. This enhances the productivity of the end user
while freeing mail administrators from anti-spam efforts.

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For more information and a detailed explanation of how the system
works, visit .

SOURCE Pancake Programming LLC

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