Give out cell phone number to strangers

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One of my friends gave out the cell number and his first name to a
stranger. What kind of damage will this be? What could a bad guy do
with a cell phone number?

Now I know you could do some sort of reverse look up...but without
paying you only know very basic info...such as where the phone(number)
belongs to...and this could be easily determined by the phone number
conventions and area code, carrier reservation, etc. Now, what if
paying the website? Are they able to see detailed info such as owner
name, address, etc??? I would assume no and those sites themselves are
scam otherwise the phone company could have some legal issue, but
please you think change the phone number will help?



Re: Give out cell phone number to strangers

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You seem to be posting through Google and AT&T in the USA. Your question
should really be answered by someone who is familiar with your culture.
Here in Finland, subscribers often publish their phone numbers (mobile or
landline, although the latter system is on its way to obsolescence) in the
telephone directory.

However, if the norm in the United States is to keep one's mobile number
as secret as possible, I understand your concerns. We have a similar issue
with state-issued personal identity codes. That code is printed on driving
licences and other official forms of identification and is also required
when signing up for various services. This means that one needs to reveal
one's identity code time and time again, so it is definitely not a secret.
On the other hand, identity codes are also not published, not even to the
extent phone numbers often are. This has led to a situation where
authorities and businesses often use the identity code as a means of
authentication as well as identification. As an example, a misinformed ISP
might unfortunately provide passwords and similar information over the
phone to an impersonator who knows the customer's identity code (e.g.
because the impersonator has seen the driving licence the customer had to
show when paying with a credit card in a shop). -- Is it something like
this you are thinking of?

Thor Kottelin /

Re: Give out cell phone number to strangers

On Sat, 8 Jan 2011 23:11:34 -0800 (PST), Benny Van wrote:

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Use GOOGLE VOICE...Tech that is good...

These are dark times, there is no denying. Our Tech world has perhaps
faced no greater threat than it does today. But I say this to my
citizenry: I, ever your servant, will continue to defend your liberty
and repel the forces that seek to take it from you! I remain, strong.
Anybody with an internet connection, 5 grand, an iq above room
temperature and basic literacy can grow outstanding cannabis.

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