Getting rid of malware screen theme

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Just as I was ending an internet session, I found that the opening
"wallpaper image" - or maybe 'theme' is the proper word? - had been
hijacked by an unwanted ad for a spy removal ware called PSguard. So
far the functions are not affected, but it's very irritating - the
screen jet black against an intrusive message - and a quick check on
the web confirmed it's a recent malware.
However it seems, of course, to have blocked the function for changing
screen wallpaper, so I can't shuck it out that way. How do I get around

The PC runs on Win XP with Norton firewall and Antivirus, it's not part
of a LAN, and otherwise it's free of manifest virus problems.

note: I just checked the activities manager and there are two processes
which could be suspect: NPROTECT.EXE and NPFMNTOR.EXE (both using
several megs of memory right now) Those two normally belong with
Norton, but a spyware or adware could pose under these names, couldn't
it? They can't be closed down, however.

any tips appreciated

 Martin, Sweden

Re: Getting rid of malware screen theme

Download, install, update and run all of the following.


Spybot search and destroy

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta1)

If none of the above fixes the issue then download Hijack this, run it, save
a copy of the log file and cut and paste it back here to the group so that I
can analyze it.



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Re: Getting rid of malware screen theme

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And don't forget to read this:

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Re: Getting rid of malware screen theme

Martin wrote:
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*PSGuard Removal*

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