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I have a Windows 2000 Professional as my primary workstation.  I have
pretty much all sorts of assorted programs and applications on this
Windows system.  The Anti-Virus software on my system is the free
version of AVG from Grisoft.

Recently, I was introduced to the torrent network (primarily because I
wanted to download some Linux distros).  My curiosity made me download
other audio torrents to see the efficiency of the torrent network.  One
thing I have noticed on my system is that there is an email being sent
out periodically to some system (  When the
email is being sent out, the AVG Anti Virus is scanning the email, which
is how I found out about the system.  I do not know what
is being sent out.  Can the torrent files compromise security on your
system?  Has my system been compromised and become part of a bot
network?  How do I find out what is causing this email to go out?  How
do I fix this problem?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Subba Rao

Re: Forensics help - Outgoing email

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Better configure your system to scan what comes in. Scanning what's
going out does not make sense.

"If you want to play with a piece of windows software that makes you
click all over the place, there's always minesweeper."

                    Kyle Stedman about "Personal Firewalls" in c.s.f

Re: Forensics help - Outgoing email

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With the right registry tweaks, an executable can be masked inside a
file with any file extension and be executed.

Todd H. /

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