Firewall shows ports being used in sqeuence

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What could be causing my apps to accept connections to use local
ports in sequence?  Below are some more details.

Thank you for any help.



I run on XP Pro on cable with no other PCs or devices attached to
the network.  

I use the free FILSECLAB firewall.  My firewall is ANTIVIR.  For
my browser I use OPERA and my newsreader is NEWSBIN PRO.

I have scanned my PC for viruses and for other malware or adware.


The monitor feature in the FILSECLAB firewall shows that simply to
do their work, the browser and newsreader are accepting
connections which come into my local ports numbered 1030, 1031,
1032, 1033, etc.  The sequence is not precisely followed but more
or less that is what is happening.

It doesn't seem like a port scan as it seems too slow and anyway
it is closely correleated with my own use of my applications.

But it seems very odd.

Each time I boot the PC and launch Opera to Google somewhere,
there is a pause for a second or two for this FIRST web page and
the status line says: "Connecting to".  Then it
frees up.

What could be causing this sequential use of local ports?  Is it
something I might have set in XP's registry?

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