email: privacy and security?

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 >> While far from ideal, Gmail could be such a MSA/MSP. Gmail will
 >> and will confuse some mailers (MUAs), but it might give you (the OP)
 >> some time to look for better alternatives.  FYI, I use Gmail as my
 >> SMTP server when roaming (i. e. when not on my ISP's network).

 > And who wants their email potentially tampered with, analyzed by and
 > stored by the likes of gmail.  No thanks.

    Those who do /not/ want for their Internet traffic (including,
    but not limited to, Web, email, and netnews access) to be
    potentially tampered with, analyzed and stored by third parties,
    use GNUnet, Freenet, and other similar technologies.  Or,
    perhaps, OpenPGP or S/MIME, as long as only email is considered.

    (Well, preferential use of TLS- and SSL-based services may help.
    Sadly, even HTTPS is not as common as it should've been, and
    properly set up ESMTPS is more of an exception than a rule.
    Then, there also is DNSSEC, and that reclusive DANE, which I'm
    yet to see deployed in some production environment...)


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