elliptic curve cryptography

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   I believe many educators find it challenging to teach
   elliptic curve cryptography in a general course on computer
   security.  (ECC requires a healthy dose of math background to be
   appreciated fully.)  Skipping over ECC is not an option
   any longer because of the general awareness out there about
   the growing importance of ECC.

   There is an ECC tutorial at the certicom.com web site.  But
   it is much too basic and does not help the students connect
   with what is getting published in the literature today.

   The following link shows one educator's attempt at pulling
   together the relevant concepts so that they can be taught in
   two to three 50-minute lecture periods.


   Perhaps some people would find it useful as a follow-up to the
   certicom tutorial.

Avi Kak

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