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I'm working for an Italian company and we'd like to start and sell
eBooks on our e-learning platform.
So we need a system, easy to integrate with our online store, in such a
manner that autorized users (whose who buyed our pdf e-book online)
might see the book under some conditions (for example only on one
I've read a lot about third party DRM and finally I've found FileOpen
system; do you have any experience with DRM or FileOpen system? I'm not
sure if it's what we really need...

Could you suggest me something about other products?

Thank you very much,

Re: DRM and pdf

Davide wrote:

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No, you don't. Anyway, this doesn't make an impossible system become

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Not just that DRM system are trivially broken by design, the trials of
implementations are trivially broken as well. Especially Adobe's DRM system
on pseudo PDF formats is so broken that a well-known company is selling a
software to do this in a purely userfriendly way.

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Could we suggest thinking about a less stupid idea?

Re: DRM and pdf

on 9/5/2006 9:42 AM Sebastian Gottschalk said the following:
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No argument with anything you said, except the last sentence.  Do you
think he'll be more likely to take your comments to heart if you are

Re: DRM and pdf

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I have experience as a customer with Syngress (IT specialist editorial)  
electronic books,
and I am quite happy with their implementation, they use a .exe file that  
installs the e-book
on the hard disk, then on opening the installed e-book (pdf format) it  
asks for a fixed password
which is always the same in all the books I have.

 From a user point of view it is very friendly,  I don't need internet  
connexion, I can keep a back
up copy and it is fairly easy to use.

I could put the book on a website with the password as it is always the  
same, but because
it is a .exe file that needs to install in the computer my guess is that  
it will put off many
people who are scared of viruses, and the e-book .pdf pages can't be  

The only part that I don't like is that .exe only works for Windows.

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Re: DRM and pdf

Melic wrote:

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There are other problems. Many companies frown upon adding more programs
since now you have another potential attack vector...


Re: DRM and pdf

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There is no known way to do DRM without unfairly restricting the
normal usage of the consumer.

For example, if I upgrade the CPU in my computer, then my
eBooks should not stop working. If my hard-disc fails and I replace
it with another one, my eBooks should not stop working. If I have
downloaded an eBook to my desktop system, I should be able to
somehow move it to my laptop so that I can take it with me on a trip
(or take it home to study.)

In other words, if you tie the rights to the hardware, then you
block very normal behaviour of people with respect to hardware.

If you require an internet connection to verify the access rights
then people cannot use the eBook when they cannot get a connection.

If you use a fixed password system, then people can start sending around
the passwords.

You could perhaps use a -different- password for every copy sold,
but then you still run into problems with people posting the copy
and the password that goes with it.

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