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I Have recently started working in a school with Dreamweaver MX
installed on every computer. All student and staff accounts have their
C drive hidden as to prevent any possible accidental damage or
malicious actions. Unfortunately the Dreamweaver MX File explorer will
allow anyone to see and access the C drive. It will also allow them to
create folder to which they have full permissions. As any of these
folders could then be used to run files this s a major concern. Does
anyone know how to prevent Dreamweaver from allowing users to do this?

David  Mead

Re: Dreamweaver MX

davidmead@gmail.com says...
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You can't prevent "Dream Weaver", but you could have the computers
locked down so that users could not create folders - it's not a problem
with applications, it's a problem with security. Contact your
administrator/network people and ask.

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Re: Dreamweaver MX

Dave M wrote:

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Just reminds me of a little child saying "If I just hold my eyes closed he
can't harm me..."

Damn, what about setting up appropriate access control permissions? Playing
seek and hide can't enforce anything.

Re: Dreamweaver MX

Should have said that users also dont have write access to the C
drive, somehow dreamweaver is bypassing the permissions.

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