Disk Encryption with TrueCrypt and Backups

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Most companies these days are using disk encryption on their laptops.  I
am planning to use TrueCrypt for my laptop.  The question I have now is
about backups and the system restore procedures.

I do my backups to an external disk and am assuming that the complete
system backup is also going to be an encrypted image.  My main concern
is about the restore session.  If I do have to restore my laptop from
the backup, then how does the disk encryption crypto tools such as
TrueCrypt work?

Thank you in advance for any information.


Re: Disk Encryption with TrueCrypt and Backups

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If you do the backup from your running system, then the backup will be
unencrypted, unless the backup software encrypts separately.

If you restore individual files from your running system, they will
simply restore in the normal manner.

If you do a complete system recovery from a backup image while
booted to a recovery CD, my guess would be that you should expect
to recover to an unencrypted disk, and setup the encryption later.
I'm not quite sure how that works, since the image you are recovering
will include the TrueCrypt drivers.  I would guess that the TrueCrypt
drivers would recognize that the disk volume is not encrypted,
and you would be able to encrypt later.

I am not using TrueCrypt myself, since I only have a few files on
the disk that are sensitive and I encrypt those separately as files.

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Re: Disk Encryption with TrueCrypt and Backups

Neil Jones wrote:

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The backup program will see the files just like you see them: decrypted.
You have already provided the authentication credentials to access the
encrypted files but obviously they would be of no use to use as the
authenticated user.  Once you authenticated, the files are decrypted so
you can access them, and the same for any application that you run,
including the backup program.  So ensure your backup program includes
its own encryption when writing its files to wherever you choose to save
them.  When you restore, you'll need the decryption key/password to
decrypt those files from the backups, and whether the restored files
remain encrypted depends on to where you save them.  If you restore them
to your encrypted hard drive then they will be encrypted.  If you
restore them to a non-encrypted drive, they will remain unencrypted.

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