did AVG eat my drivers?

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Hi all,

I recently installed AVG 7.5, the free version.
Ran the first scan which found nothing, then let
AVG run for about 36 hours. I usually just use
this stuff on demand, but having recently upgraded
to DSL from Dialup, I though I'd let it run to
see if it caught anything. It didnt.

Shut the computer down and when I booted up again,
most of my drivers were missing. The mouse driver,
printer drivers, graphics card drivers, desktop
reformatted and all sorts of other odds and ends.

I restore everything and with each reboot, the drivers
are missing again. Same thing. I've since uninstalled
AVG, but the problem persists.

This smells like a virus, but I can't find

I suspect AVG because that was the last install
before I got hit. And it was the first reboot
after the installation.

Anybody ever heard of an AVG problem like this?

Oh, OS is WIn98SE.

One weird thing, the download came with an outdated
virus database. AVG automatically updated itself
the next day.

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