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Hi All,

We are writing one Shredder which will shredd all unwanted info on
users request.

I am in search of tool which tests that the shredder has done the
intended job sucessfully.

Basicall, i am in search of a tool which confirms that "if a user has
shredded all files and folders" then all files and folders are really
deleted from system.

Can someone recommend me any such tool or technique?

Thanks in Advance.

Mehul D

Re: Deletion confirmation tool wrote:
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Forgive me if I misunderstand, but you're writing this shredder, and you
don't know how to tell if a file has been completely deleted?


Re: Deletion confirmation tool

On Mon, 30 Jul 2007 16:44:55 GMT, Colin B. wrote:

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Relevant point.

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Re: Deletion confirmation tool

On Mon, 30 Jul 2007, in the Usenet newsgroup, in article

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And the reason you feel the Eleventy-Zillion existing tools need
another competitor is...

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Any standard disk editor should allow you to inspect the sectors
where the files/directory-listing/etc. had resided. Of course, this
assumes you have a clue as to how such data is placed so that you
know _where_ to look.  But this won't check on the reserved and/or
bad-blocks that the operating system (never mind your application)
has no access to. It probably also won't look at temporary files
or swap-space on the drive that _could_ have said unwanted info.

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You _REALLY_ need to learn exactly how those bits are put onto the disk,
AND how the operating system can access those bits. You also want to
learn how the disk-controller operates - specifically with respect to
bad-block re-mapping.  You may also want to learn about disk caching, as
this often catches the ones who aren't aware that it exists.

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If you are just building a tool so that Mommy won't see that you've
been surfing the pr0n sites, a raw disk editor should suffice. If Mommy
works for a Three Letter Agency, or is more technically competent than
you are, then it's probably not adequate - but then, neither is any
application you can create. That's why people in the security business
know about physical means of destroying the media that held the data.

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