Dangerous emails

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Are they dangerous to just look at? Without openin or DLing attachments?
For that matter, are there any emails that can zap you for just opening
and reading them? I think there are so avoid even looking at anything I
don't recognize. So far, AFAIK, I haven't missed anything.


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Re: Dangerous emails

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Mail user agents may suffer from vulnerabilities that can be exploited
through maliciously crafted messages. Because of this, the safest way to
read mail is to disable rendering of HTML and other 'rich text', reading
all email messages as plain text.

If the mail user agent is set to render HTML and its ilk, even previewing
a malicious message may allow an exploit to do its thing. Because of this,
suspect messages should be deleted directly from the list, without any
further viewing.

Thor Kottelin
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Re: Dangerous emails

On 10/11/12 10:20 AM, Thor Kottelin wrote:
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Most mail readers provide a "view source" option which allows mail to be
viewed as plain ASCII, including encoded attachments. Unless someone's
found the sequence of characters that invokes Cthulhu, that's safe and
may let you find out where malicious mail is coming from.

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