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I would appreciate any help you gurus can dish out on this problem
installing Cryptainer LE...

I saw Cryptainer being promoted by earthlink and downloaded the free LE
version (full version is PE).  Then I installed it, but never could get it
to run on my Win98SE. (Supposed to run on everything from Win95 on up.)

After installing, I reboot, but then the installation program never resumes.
If I try to run the program, I get this error message.....

"The procedure entry point ChangeServiceConfig2A could not be located in the
dynamic link library ADVAPI32.DLL."

Many thanks in advance.


Re: Cryptainer LE

"I would appreciate any help you gurus
Can dish out on this problem installing
Cryptainer LE..."
~ Fred

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Re: Cryptainer LE

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 07:48:24 GMT, "Fred"

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In another post Truecrypt is recommended, but they weren't paying
attention to your operating system, which is WIN98SE.  This crusty old
OS is not supported by Truecrypt.  Too bad because it works well.

If you are getting "ChangeServiceConfig2A" errors from Advapi32.dll
then you're likely in the same boat.  It appears they are using a call
that is not supported by your OS.

I'm not sure how they arrived at "Supposed to run on everything from
Win95 on up." because I don't think ChangeServiceConfig2A is supported
on less than Win2000 or XP.

There *may* be an upgrade of Internet Explorer that will work to get
you an advanced Advapi32.dll, but I doubt it.

The following link will get you to a free version of a very good
encryption program called PGP and included is a program called PGPdisk
which does the same thing Cryptainer does:

This version 6.0.2i is probably the last version of PGP supported by
WIN98SE that has a free version of PGPdisk.  Later versions charged
for the PGPdisk part.

The good part is this, Fred...  PGP is pretty darn well made.  It is
likely to keep your data as safe or maybe safer than Cryptainer.

There's a couple of bugs listed here: /

But it will likely work OK and you'll be able to do a lot of other
helpful secure things like send encrypted email, encrypt and decrypt
single files and you will be able to do this using a well-known
public/private key scheme that really works.

Re: Cryptainer LE

Thanks very much, Clark.

While reading thru the PGP faq, I noticed this interesting statement.
Pretty much tells me that these countries' governments are actively
intruding into personal info. No doubt the US Dept of Fatherland Security is
doing it also.

Q: Is encryption legal?

A: In much of the civilized world, the use of encryption is either legal or
at least tolerated. However, there are a some countries where such
activities could put you in front of a firing squad! Check with the laws in
your own country before using PGP or any other encryption product. A couple
of the countries where the use of encryption is illegal are France, Iran,
Russia and Iraq.

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