"Credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials" in Symantec Antivirus ...

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I've had this problem off and on and finally figured out how to fix it.
I'm posting this for anyone else who has this problem and for myself in
case I ever forget.  When trying to update a parent server to the
newest version of SAVCE you get prompted for a username and password to
connect to the server.  When you do you get an error stating that
"Credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials."
Trying to delete the connection using NET USE * /D does not work.

What you can do is to delete the server from the SSC console.  Then
from a DOS prompt make a connection to the server's ADMIN$ share using
the username and password you're trying to use.  For example:

NET USE \servername\ADMIN$ /USER:domain\user password

Then run the discovery service to populate the server again in the SSC.
 You can then upgrade it.

Phillip Wendell
LMB Services Group
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