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Hi-I set up Stunnel to connect to meganetnews, apparently with success.
I then ran in a dos window (running Win98SE) the command netstat -a.
Following is a copy of the the results. I am puzzled and concerned
about the 'coolwwwsearch...' entries. I have up to date versions of Ad
Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy (neither of which detected any
problems) as well as a current version of SpywareBlaster with
immunization properly enabled. I am behind a Netgear router. I also ran
miniremoval_coolwebsearch_smartkiller.exe and it informed me that the
program was not found on my system. I am having no symptoms of spyware
infection. Using Xnews as my newsreader. To my knowledge, Meganetnews
is the only server to which I am connected.
Any light any of you could shed on this situation would be much

Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
  TCP    computer:0             COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:1299          COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:1300          COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:1301          COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:1302          COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:1348          COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:nntp          COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:1299  ESTABLISHED
  TCP    computer:1301  ESTABLISHED
  TCP    computer:1346          COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:nntp  ESTABLISHED
  TCP    computer:nntp  ESTABLISHED
  TCP    computer:1300  
  TCP    computer:1302  ESTABLISHED
  TCP    computer:1348       ESTABLISHED
  TCP    computer:137           COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:138           COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  TCP    computer:nbsession     COMPUTER:0             LISTENING
  UDP    computer:1346          *:*
  UDP    computer:nbname        *:*
  UDP    computer:nbdatagram    *:*

Re: listed in Netstat

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If I were you, I'd get Process Explorer and TCPView (free) from
< .  TCPView will tell you what process is opening
ports 1299 and 1301.  Process Explorer will tell you more about the process
identified by TCPView, way more information than Task Manager.  You can look at
any process, and see what modules it contains, and who wrote or distributed each
module.  And graph its memory and CPU usage.  Neither program requires an
install process - just drop them into a folder and run them.

Paranoia comes from experience - and is not necessarily a bad thing.

Re: listed in Netstat

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Are you using the latest version of CWShredder (1.59.0)?

CWS variants are discussed here:

Since new variants are issued very frequently, it's not surprising to find
Ad-aware and the others lagging slightly. You need to use CWShredder and
update it regularly.

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