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The HTrax Technology high security operating system is a new neural
networking security solution with a bespoke framework of security
organization and has been developed using a new high security ideology
model with an innovative structure different from all previous
security designs. The project consists of a unique Kernel, Hypervisor,
and digital neural net with interconnecting nodes. In addition to this
net there are self learning modules to update the security scheme
based upon ongoing polymorphic threats. In short, we have created the
world=92s most secure and robust data warehousing and data operating
system that would be considered years ahead of all other predecessor=92s
as an internal comparison highlightedthe best of the best in
existence only cover 10% of real threats that matter=94.

The concept behind this technology was one to confront current and
future security threats in the technology industry; including
electronic, communication and physical security. HTrax Technology is
the base project for a newly created system of security and its
innovative design is based within the structure of its core data
handling routines. The security system has firm grounding and the base
technology is one that we have been able to prove within a development
and testing environment.

Technology Nets Ltd as the creators of this technology will be
publicly making an open call to all network security analysts and
experts to test and attempt to penetrate the defence of this
technology to publicly prove the core concepts of its use and

Dr Abid Hussain who is currently the project manager and Tom Tarpey
(development director) for the purposed initial implementation of this
system of a high security national NHS database to hold all records
for the whole population of the UK, which can be accessed by hospital
doctors, general practitioners and authorised clients.

The working 4096 byte encrypted prototype will be hosted on a 2.2 GHz
single core processor to demonstrate its amazing decryption abilities
at a secure location on a live network open to a full local scope
penetration testing environment to test the hardware level as well as
the high security wireless defence mechanism will be open to all
interested parties.

Contact Details:

Project Manager              Dr Abid Hussain            07545081466

Development Director       Mr Thomas Tarpey   07428933142

Design Director                Mr Kaz Yaqub   07944191460

Marketing Manager          Mr Wayne Yaqub              07532277676

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