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Sharon Hill, PA, November 13, 2007 - The Computer Forensics Analysis &
Training Center (CFATC) announced today the release of a new computer
forensics training program for 2008. The demand for professional
computer forensics career training and development is soaring, due to
the continuing rise of cyber crime across the nation and the lack of
real world experience in academics.  Law firms, the financial and
business industries, and law enforcement  struggle to handle the
rising demand.  The program will provide high level professional
training that can lead to certification in the field and higher paying
jobs.  Tuition assistance is available.   CFATC is a registered 501c3
nonprofit organization.
Since the Federal Courts adopted new rules governing civil litigation
in December 2006, computer forensics training will help legal
professionals and law enforcement personnel better prepare for
electronic discovery,  data seizure, duplication and preservation,
recovery, document searches and expert witness services in order to
prepare and process their legal cases. This computer forensics
training program provides the specialized hardware and software tools
and classroom expertise necessary to train field personnel how to
systematically inspect a computer system and its contents for
evidence, while also preserving the integrity of the original data.
Computer forensics specialists possess  capabilities beyond normal
data collection and preservation and are often called upon to provide
expert testimony in a court of law.
CFATC, as a continuing Pennsylvania Industry Partnership in 2008, has
the demonstrated resources and expertise to effectively deliver a
curriculum that combines live classroom instruction, skills training,
job shadowing and career counseling to those who make a commitment to
the full certificate program.   CFATC's  industry partners are the
largest and most recognized computer forensics software makers in the
world, including AccessData Corporation, Guidance Software
Corporation, KrollOntrack, Phoenix Data Group and Birkman
CFATC offers a comprehensive computer forensics training program with
tuition assistance for eligible students.  The pilot program in 2007
was a success.   We bring considerable expertise into the classroom
that would not normally be possible at one location, and we do it with
the best partners on the globe," said Ed Tomezsko,  CFATC's  Board
Chairman.  CFATC is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for
trainers, students and clients alike."  It's a win-win program."
CFATC's training program leads to certification by global leaders in
the computer forensics industry:  AccessData Corporation, Guidance
Software Corporation Kroll Ontrack, Phoenix Data Group, and Birkman
Intenational.  In addition, this course prepares students to study for
the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam,
considered the gold standard in the industry.
# # #
To find out if you are eligible for a career in computer forensics,
visit our website at and take the self-assessment test.
For further information, contact Ed Tomezsko, Chairman, Computer
Forensics Analysis & Training Center, 114 W. State Street, Media, PA
19063 610-891-7701 or email us at

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