CISSP certification

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There have been a few attempts to create a CISSP study group scattered
all around the
planet, as far as I can tell based on what is visable reading the
newsgroups none have
really gotten off the ground.  We have started, yet another one, called
CISSP Silicon Valley.
It is my hope that this one will work as we plan to use VNC, MS
NetMeeting, or some other "meeting viewer" SW to make the study group
sessions available to anyone who speaks
english (at least) worldwide.

The newest version of the CISSP Prep Guide sold by is 1065
pages long
and is intended to cover what someone working in the security
consulting field for 5+
years would learn reading 15 (my number) books and consulting at 10
different companies
so yes, you may already know 60% or more of the material but is not
likely you would pass
the CISSP exam, on that alone.

I've been doing security consulting since 1995 and these kind of
are becomming required (almost like a license) more and more, and the
jobs they open up
pay roughly $25/hr more or $25k annually (again my figures).  We don't
want to debate the
value of the CISSP certification with anyone, if you feel your GIAC is
better fine... great...
But there is no denying the need to pass these kind of certifications
if one wants to advance
their careers or simply get paid better... The Clients or our Managers
are requiring it more and

We simply want to work together to make passing the exam a little
easier.  We are looking for
4-8 people to join us, to work together to pass the test faster and a
little easier.  If you are
wanting to pass your CISSP in the near future, or have been putting it
off please consider
joining us, at the group CISSP Silicon Valley.  We intend to adhere to
the CISSP Code of
Ethics stated at the site in our study.

Thanks for your time, DRH

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