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Me and 4 of my highschool friends post word documents to each other in
a password-protected web folder. We share info on homework and
sometimes just post general stuff.... (yes, and sometimes gossip), but
mostly homework stuff.

The problem is that we think someone has found out the correct
username and password to get into our site. In fact, we're pretty sure
we know who it is, but what we'd like to do is secretly find out if
he's looking in our folder (but we want to do it without him knowing).
Once we find out if it's him, we can plant fake homework stuff for him
to use, and he will never know!

We have inserted code from a 'Hit Counter' that will find out his IP
address, but have not detected him. Someone said he can get around
that by turning off his Java. What can we do to find him and confirm
he's sneaking in (without him knowing)?

We've already set up a new site with a new password. We just want to
teach this guy a lesson.
P.S. We're not experts at this so the simpler, the better.


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Grasshopper, when you can read the site logs you will be ready to leave.
Depending on the web site, you should be able to see the logs of all
visits and that should contain the user name and ip address and each
item they access.

You could also change the password to something more secure - 8 letters
/ numbers.

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Re: Catching a sneak

grasshopper wrote:

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Look at the web server logs.


-- IRCnet #areena

Re: Catching a sneak

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Hi, Thor

We are using Earthlink.
I went to the Earthlink support center and found that they use
"Urchin" to track site visits.

Here is a description of Urchin:

Its purpose is to distill raw Web server log files into succinct yet
thorough reports for Web site owners. Urchin is not a
hardware-dependent packet-sniffing system. It is not an intensely
detailed, Oracle-based drill-down system. Urchin does not collect
personal data, email addresses, credit card numbers, private
information or any details about individual users to a Web site.

What should I do now? Can I request my own logs from Earthlink
(without a subpoena or something)?

Re: Catching a sneak

grasshopper wrote:
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If you web host won't give you your own logs without a subpoena, the money
you pay for web hosting should start going somewhere else.


-- IRCnet #areena

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