Careless Indian Companies......Websites can be Hacked.....

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Yestarday, at 5:00PM, i was sitting in one of the Broadband Cyber Cafe
and was developing my website. As i am running short of funds, i was
searching for free web-hosting sites. I wanted to use Ms Access and
ASPs for my website access. But all the free-site hosting service
providers din't had this facility. After lot of research when i failed
to get any one. I though to do some experiments. I started with hit and

trial for most of the well know brands websites in India.

After having some unsuccessful events, I finally could very easily
access one of the major Consumer Brand Owners Website in India. My
excitement was at peak and i felt like i am daydreaming, it can't be
possible to have such an easy access to this website. Another thing
which added to my excitment was, the full access to the web editing. I
could Add, Delete, Modify files and folders on this website.

Alllaaa...and then i went crazy. Within next 45 mins, I played a lot
with the Webpages available on this site. Changed Images, Contents,
Added files, Deleted some ones....and what not what ever worst in ur
dreams you can dream of I did with this website.....

Finally, I thought to get the control of this site and Put the message
on the HomePage of this Site as, "This Website has been Hacked, and
this gr8 Deed is done by ***********. Annnaa X Company's IT Team
members grey cells have drain...they can't even manage to Implement
proper security tools"... I did this....but after 10 Mins...thought
what will be its concequences. Is it ethical, does my values support
the same....BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO propped up.....

This company employing 10K Persons, if trace me out and go Legal....I
won't stand anywhere in society....My career which has just started
will have a SAD ending....

Thus, I restored all the Webpages, Images, ASPs and offered Software to

its Normal....and logged...out..... From that time till now.....I am
thinking was i right or Wrong....Could i have encashed this

Another questions that hinder are...What sort of Security Systems this
so Called top Notch Indian brands follows? Do they take their websites
maintainance seriously???? or Are they aware of the consequences of
Hacking????? Annnaaa...I am sure apart from the banking and financing
companies in India.....Most of the Others....are Careless...In this

I once again want to make it clear that....THIS IS A TRUE STORY and not

at all any fiction....I do would appreciate your responses on this


Re: Careless Indian Companies......Websites can be Hacked.....

Life Speaks wrote:

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....take `em to the cleaners...but nicely...


Re: Careless Indian Companies......Websites can be Hacked.....

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You're kidding, right? Even on a local LAN Access/Web is a bad idea, and
over the Internet it's just nuts.  You really expected a website hoster to
provide that?


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