Cannot access Smarcard through outlook 2003/2007

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Smart card Reader issue in outlook.

Card reader : SchulembergerSema 72 v2 reader.

os : Windows XP, Vista

i am using the Cyberflex access sdk 4.4 in my machine.
I tried to connect the card using cove user/admin tool, and i acn
successfully connect.

I have saved the signing certificate in a file and i installed it.( i
savet it in registry also).

In outlook 2003/2007 after choosing the Signing certificate,

The cerificate name is displayed in Signing certificate box. But In
algorithm box nothing is displayed.

that text button is disabled. Because of this i cannot send messages.
Error messages in outlook

While sending ,

In 2007--There is no encryption certificates in your system ...

In outlook 2003--your message could not be sent.

 I can choose the encryption certificate successfuly.

I have installed root certificated successfully

====Final output: not working in both os====

I did the same thing in another machine, using same card reader, same
card, same software

In outlook 2003/2007 after choosing the Signing certificate, it shows
the algorithm SHA1.

I can successfully send the messages in this system.

====Final output: working in both os====

I thought it is a os problem, so i reinstalled the os and even changed
the os from xp to vista or vista to xp.


In both the above scenarios, one card error shows.

while trying sending to email it tries to connect the the not
worked scenario(first one)

Cannot connect...ok button is disabled. In reason tab.

The card is being shared by another process. However the card is not
the one being requested

 and it cannot used for the current operation.

It is not showed in the working(second one).

while trying sending to email connect the card and i gave pin and
successfully sent the message.

In both scenarios I acn see the card in Cove user/admin tools and i
can save&export the certificates...


Help me out

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