Can you break my page with your arbitrary codes?

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I have set up a page that accepts to execute your arbitrary codes (c,
sh, perl) unmoderated, but resists to ANY effort of hacking:

It is based on my new security package Linux Sysmask. Details can be
found in the above address. The objective of the page is to PROVE the
solidity of the solution, not to test it.

Don't think that your secret tricks may let you succeed immediately!
Such traditional tricks have zero chance. It is not yet theoretically
unbreakable, and even contains some uncorrected bugs (because I think
they are not too serious) for the time being, but if you are ever to
find a flaw, you need to study carefully the package and its setups,
and be very expert on Linux kernel internals.

Have a good luck! As long as you remain in the page in question, every
attempt is accepted and an successful attacker will be duly credited.

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