Can I use a USB Thumb Drive to act as a key to allow access to files on a Desktop PC?

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Hi all,

I somewhat remember reading about a program that basically turns a USB
Thumb drive into a security key for a desktop computer, but can't
remember the specifics or find the article.

I am interested in password protecting certain folders on my desktop
computer and/or preventing access to certain programs on a computer
that others have access to. Does anyone know of a program or a way to
do this so that the folders or programs are only accessible when a
specific USB thumb drive is inserted into a USB port to that computer?

Any ideas or help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!!


Steve B.

Re: Can I use a USB Thumb Drive to act as a key to allow access to files on a Desktop PC?

Steve B.,
  I recommend a open source product called TrueCrypt. It allows you to
create an encrypted file structure and mount it as if it was a disk.
One can use a password, a file, or both as the key to opening this
encrypted file structure.  Only warning is that you should back up the
key file, as if someone or something changes that file, you are not
going to get into your encrypted files.  You can find it at If you wish extra security and compile the program
yourself, you can find the source code on If you have
any other questions, do not hesitate to email me. While, I am not
associated with the development of the product, I have had no problems
with it in the 1-2 months that I have been using it.

Steve B (yes that is my name) wrote:
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