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    Extended Paper Submission Deadline:  March 4, 2007

    The 2007 International Conference on Security and
                 Management (SAM'07)

    Date and Location:  June 25-28, 2007, Las Vegas, USA

        Academic Sponsors:  Research Labs at
  MIT, Harvard, Purdue, Univ. of Texas at Austin, ...


You are invited to submit a full paper for consideration.
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,
the following:

  O  Security protocols
  O  Key management techniques
  O  Security algorithms
  O  Security in e-Commerce and m-Commerce
  O  Surveillance technologies
  O  Hacking techniques and related issues
  O  Security policies
  O  Secure OS
  O  Security in CDN (Contents Distribution Networks)
  O  Security for protocol management (SNMP, CMIP, etc)
  O  Mobile network security
  O  Location management
  O  QoS management
  O  Resource management
  O  Channel management
  O  Mobility management
  O  Encryption technologies
  O  VPN
  O  Firewall systems
  O  IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  O  Digital contents copyright protection techniques
  O  Watermarking
  O  Honeypot
  O  Virus issues (detection, prevention, ...)
  O  Tracing techniques in internet
  O  Active networks
  O  Security in grid
  O  Biological security technologies
  O  High-tech systems at airports
  O  Face recognition systems
  O  Signature recognition systems
  O  System security management
  O  Network security management
  O  Management in network equipments
  O  SAN (Storage Area Networks) management
  O  Applications of Block Ciphers
  O  Applications of Stream Ciphers
  O  Applications of Public Key Cryptology
  O  Message Authentication and Hash Functions
  O  Grid networks and security
  O  Web monitoring
  O  Trust computing
  O  Emerging technologies

Submission of Papers:

   Prospective authors are invited to submit their full paper
   (about 5 to 8 pages - single space, font size of 10 to 12) to
   H. R. Arabnia by Mar. 4, 2007 ( E-mail submissions
   in MS Doc or PDF formats are preferable (postal mail submissions
   are also fine.) All reasonable typesetting formats are acceptable
   (later, the authors of accepted papers will be asked to follow a
   particular typesetting format to prepare their papers for

   The length of the Camera-Ready papers (if accepted) will be limited
   7 (IEEE style) pages.  Papers must not have been previously
   or currently submitted for publication elsewhere.  The first page
   the draft paper should include: title of the paper, name,
   postal address, email address, and telephone number for each
   The first page should also identify the name of the author who will
   be presenting the paper (if accepted) and a maximum of 5 topical
   keywords that would best represent the content of the paper.

   Each paper will be refereed by two experts in the field who are
   independent of the conference program committee.  The referees'
   evaluations will then be reviewed by two members of the program
   committee who will recommend a decision to the chair of the track
   the paper has been submitted to.  The track chair will make the
   decision.  Lastly, the Camera-Ready papers will be reviewed by one
   member of the program committee.

Members of Program and Organizing Committees:

   The Program Committee includes members of chapters of World Academy
   of Science (chapters: supercomputing; scientific computing;
   intelligence; imaging science; databases; simulation; software
   engineering; embedded systems; internet and web technologies;
   communications; computer security; and bioinformatics.) Many
   of the program committee for individual conferences include
   leaders, scholars, researchers, scientists and practitioners of the
   highest ranks; many are directors of large research laboratories,
   IEEE Fellows, heads/chairs of departments, deans and provosts.
   Each committee also includes two Student Members (in their final
   of their PhD programs) who are identified as such.  Refer to the
   conference web sites for the list of members of program committee.

Co-Sponsors (a partial list):

   Academic Co-Sponsors of WORLDCOMP'07 include:
     - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory,
       MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
     - Statistical Genomics and Computational Biology Laboratory,
       Department of Statistics, Harvard University (Cambridge,
     - Texas Advanced Computing Center, The University of Texas at
       Austin (Austin, Texas)
     - Statistical and Computational Intelligence Laboratory of
       Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)
     - University of Iowa's Medical Imaging HPC Lab (Iowa City, Iowa)
     - Institute for Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy of
       Sciences, Moscow, Russia);
   Other Co-sponsors include:
     - HPCwire
     - GRIDtoday
     - STEM Education Society
     - HPCSoft, HPC Software Inc.
     - International Technology Institute
     - H2cM - Hodges' Health, UK

Purpose / History:

   SAM'07 will be held in conjunction with WORLDCOMP'07
   ( ).
   WORLDCOMP'07 is the largest gathering of researchers in computer
   science, computer engineering and applied computing.
   Many of the tracks of WORLDCOMP are considered to be the premier
   meetings for presentation of advances in their respective fields.
   We anticipate to have 2000 or more attendees from over 75
   countries participating in the 2007 event.

   The motivation is to assemble a spectrum of affiliated research
   conferences into a coordinated research meeting held in a common
   place at a common time.  The main goal is to provide a forum for
   exchange of ideas in a number of research areas that interact.  The
   model used to form these annual conferences facilitates
   among researchers from all over the world in different fields of
   computer science, computer engineering and applied computing.  Both
   inward research (core areas of computer science and engineering)
   outward research (multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and
   applications) will be covered during the conferences.

Important Dates:

   March 4, 2007:     Submission of full/draft papers (about 5 to 8
   April 4, 2007:     Notification of acceptance
   April 27, 2007:    Camera-Ready papers and Registration due
   June 25-28, 2007:  The 2007 International Conference on Security
                      and Management (SAM'07)

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