Call f Papers KnowRight2006, Feb 16/17

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This is a late posting for this Symposium on the interaction of  
Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, other rights on knowledge
and information, collection of them or access to it and new technologies.

While we have received a number of interesting papers on the legal and
social aspects for this fourth KnowRight conference we are scarce on
technical papers covering some aspects: Information protection, access
management, data retention and forgetting in complex systems and similar
topics in this area.

If you are active in one of these areas and interestin in presenting it
in an international setting, send us your abstract (or paper) as soon as
possible (i.e. more or less immediately).

Peter Sint

                    CALL FOR PAPERS

           KnowRight 2006
Information Property, Intellectual Property, and New Technology
Knowledge Rights -
Legal, Societal and Related Technological Aspects
University of Vienna  (Juridicum - Law Faculty Building)

16 - 17 February 2006
Organized by: Austrian Computer Society (OCG) jointly with
IRIS (Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposium)

This conference will resume the general interest of the KnowRight
Conferences, held since 1995, on the interaction of Intellectual
Property Rights, related Information Rights, Ethical Problems, and
Information Dependent Technology.

o  due to late mailings we will accept later submission (30. November)
o  Notification of acceptance:  30 November 2005
         (+delay for submissions after Nov.15)
o  Final paper: 20 December 2006 (extensions may be negotiated)

Intellectual Property
   o   Status of IP law for e-products and e-services
   o   Bundle of WIPO Treaties: To be enlarged?
   o   TRIPS: Efficient against large scale IP infringements?
   o   Competition and regulation in the music and video industry
   o   Media and entertainment law - responsibility and liability of
   o   Rules for mobile applications
   o   Private use and fair use of intellectual property
   o   Rights management systems
   o   Open source and open content
   o   Open access: Copyright restrictions for science and research
   o   Copyright and copyleft
   o   Global trademarks
   o   Software patents

Access to and Reuse of Public Sector and Private Information
   o   Freedom of information and data protection
   o   Access to public documents
   o   Legal framework of public sector information reuse
   o   Socioeconomic conditions of PSI reuse
   o   Extent of and limitations on database protection in Europe
   o   Long term archiving of public and private information

 Network Security
   o   Technological proposals and implementations
   o   Embedding regulation into hard- and software
   o   Regulations and their development
   o   Privacy and identification - electronic identities
   o   Authentification, authorisation and remuneration
   o   Electronic signatures
   o   Fraud on the internet: Tech-tools and legal framework
   o   Online policing

Data protection
   o  Pervasive computing
   o  Automatic ³forgetting² of database
   o  Retention of data
   o  Legal means against violation of data protection

Information Ethics
   o  Information in the public domain - balancing commercial
                  interests with moral and civic obligations
   o  Fair use concept at the global level:
                  equitable use of global and local knowledge
   o  Access to personal data: protecting citizens' and users'
                  security and privacy versus public interest
   o  Equity in the access to information (tariffs, fees, taxes)
   o  Special regulation for developing countries?
   o    Free speech and censorship
   o  Minors access to violence and adult content
   o    Age verification and privacy
   o  Responsibility of internet professionals
Don't feel restricted if your innovative topic fits the general purpose
of the conference but none of the special items on the list.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE  (co-chairs *)
John Bing, Univ. of Oslo,  NO, -  (Jon Bing)
*Walter Blocher, Vienna U Busin Adm, AT
Daniele Bourcier, University of Paris II, FR -
Alfred Büllesbach, Bremen,DE
Gunter Ertl, Regional Court of Appeal, AT -
Fernando Galindo, Univ. of Zaragoza, ES,
*Jens Gaster, European Commission, EU -
Thomas Hoeren, U.of Münster, DE, -
Bernt Hugenholtz, Univ. of Amsterdam, NL,
*Dietmar Jahnel, University of Salzburg, AT -
Veith Risak,  Univ.of Salzburg & Bratislava AT,CZ -
Ahti Saarenpaa, Univ. Helsinki FI,  
*Peter P Sint, Austrian Academy of Science, A -
A Min Tjoa, Univ. of Vienna, AT,
*Erich Schweighofer,U.Vienna&WZRI, A
David Vaver, Univ.of Oxford, UK  -
Peter Wahlgren, Univ. Stockholm, SE,
*Andreas Wiebe,Vienna U.Busin Adm.AT

KnowRight 2006
Austrian Computer Society (OCG)
Wollzeile 1-3
A-1010 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 512 02 35-14
Fax: +43 1 512 02 35-9

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