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Text compression has a unique problem. Contemporary compressor programs
eliminate redundancy in order to compress a file. That means the smaller
the text file, the less efficient contemporary compressors become, due
to a lack of redundancy in a small file. This is true even of PPM,
considered to be the state of the art in text compression.

TextComp is often able to exceed even PPMZ, the most efficient of the
academic PPM series, without being as slow or as RAM and CPU intensive.
TextComp is a high-speed, low-resource commercial program, not a
university competition.

The TextComp method is very different, referencing an external
"dictionary" database to substitute numerical values for whole words and
phrases. TextComp maintains compression efficiency without dependency to
file size, and its substitution methodology gives compression efficiency
superior to contemporary Huffman or LZ technique, for any file size. The
small (300k or less) TextComp dictionary databases must be present at
the compression and decompression ends.

A breakthrough exception-handling procedure allows TextComp to represent
words unknown to the external dictionary database at a greatly minimized
file size penalty.

Taking already compressed file output and then applying special
algorithmic compression achieve two stages of compression. Compressed
TextComp file archives not algorithmically recompressed are searchable
totally without decompression.

TextComp applications include the archiving of ASCII text-based data,
compression of HTML code for faster Internet communication, compression
of e-mail messages in transit and storage, and biometric encoding of
secure information.

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Sparky wrote:

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And this had what to do with security, the topic of the group to which you posted?  Nothing, that's what.  So
you cross-posted to UNRELATED groups.  

Doesn't look like your post about *compression* has anything to do with
any of the groups to which you cross-posted.  Compression is not
privacy.  Anyone using the same decompressor will obtain the contents of
the compressed file.  Compression is not encryption (as encryption does
not itself require compression).  Compression is not security (as noted
in the prior 2 statements).  So you post was off-topic to each group.
So your post was spam, also evidenced by the URL.

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