bicomp, a bidirectional computer, released.

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I have released my first version of bicomp, a bidirectional computer.
bicomp implements a virtual machine that allows a program to run not
only in the conventional sense, but in a solve mode as well.

bicomp comes with two programs, MULTIPLY and SUBSET SUM.

In Run Mode
MULTIPLY - multiplies two numbers
SUBSET SUM - calculates the total of a selection of numbers from a
larger list of integers

In Solve Mode
MULTIPLY - produces a list of pairs of factors given a single number
SUBSET SUM - calculations the selection of a set of numbers given a
larger set of numbers and a candidate sum.

Of interest to the security community is bicomp's notion of a single
solving engine.  Program any encryption algorithm into bicomp and
bicomp automatically can generate an algorithm that can recover a key
given a plaintext.  Presently, bicomp's solving engine suffers from
severe exponential problems but any progress made in it will
ultimately impact all cryptographic algorithms, not just one.

bicomp is published via the GPL license and is available for download
at /.  Both the source code and
a PDF explaining how it works is available.

Donations are welcome and fellow authors are invited.

Re: bicomp, a bidirectional computer, released.

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Presently. =)

As soon as you've solved those "severe exponential problems" (and thus
proven P = NP), report back. ;)


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