Beware scamster site,

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I'm the guy who started the site /
. I have to say I've never read this group before. I'm not sure how on-
topic this is, but I assure you I'm not trying to spam this group if
it's not on-topic. I'm just trying to post in related privacy groups.
So, I may make a mistake periodically.

I have first-hand information about I was in fact ripped
off by them.

You can follow the threads at two locations:

Please avoid the same mistakes I made. Just because someone has a
positive experience with this service does not make them a good
service. I think we gain the most insight from those that have
negative experiences. Of course, he's going to provide good service to
some people. He has to do that to stay in business. But the point is,
he thinks he can rip off a certain subset of the people who send him
money. Who knows what his criteria are for ripping people off. Maybe
he just rips off those who he feels just fell off the turnip truck or
those who seem like complete suckers. Maybe I came accross that way to

In any case, if this guy will rip some people off, how can you trust
him to provide the services he claims to. There's no way to verify his
proxy service or that he doesn't keep logs. You have to trust him. Can
you really?

Like I posted before, the guy "john" basically writes a few lines
saying we lost your money. Out of luck. And that's it. No further
responses. I told him about my posts and invited him to respond. He's
either not responded at all or used an anonymous username to try to
discredit me. To be clear, I have proof that the money made it to him
and was lost on his end. I've presented that proof to him, but he
hasn't responded at all. I've explained this in my threads on the
TrueCrypt forums and Wilders Security.

I've also stated before that this "john" has a freight train hurdling
toward him. It is going to run over anyone near him.

So, I'm being specific. I think my points are articulate and they
don't come accross as spam (because they're not). I'll be happy to try
to address any concerns, but keep in mind that I only post
occasionally when I get the time. So, if I don't respond for a while,
it doesn't mean I'm gone.

Thanks for listening.


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